We Pier21 are specialized in manufacturing high quality Inflatable , costume and Trompe l'oeil in Japan. Don't hesitate to ask us from the overseas.

How to manufacturing inflatable.

1. Please send us your question from CONTACT US .
2. We respond to your question and the price for manufacturing as soon as possible.
3. We plan the schedule for manufacturing and the specification.
4. We draw the rough sketch and send you the one.
5. Please check the rough sketch then modify the specification and the shape.
6. We redraw the rough sketch and make 3D CG or clay model.
7. Please check the model then modify the specification and the shape.
8. We remake 3D computer or cray model and make the paper pattern.
9. We cut the cloth material with the paper pattern.
10. We sew the cut cloths and if need ,paint the completed inflatable.
11. We send you the pictures of completed inflatable.
12. We prepare for shipping and ship to your addrress.
13. You recieve your inflatable.